Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey guys!
because of nishas great idea, i decided to start a blog! i want to keep you all updated and share some of my experiences. so i have had a whole range of luck over the past year. some say it was because of science, some say it was because of faith,who knows. but i want to share with you guys the good - how far i have come, the bad - how far i still have to go, and the ugly - my crazy stories. i have been "locked in" for 8 months so as you can imagine, i have a lot to say! if any of you have any questions, comments,or suggestions of what i should include dont hesitate to email me. let me briefly update those of you i havent seen much: im doing well at home and i go for therapy three times a week. i have been practicing sitting,standing,biking,and strengthening my arms. i cant bhangra yet, but i can arm wrestle you like a champ! my voice is still weak and unclear,but most people can understand most of what im saying. thats about it. so my story begins with the one fact that haunts me everyday - i was 23 and i had a stroke...